I felt my lungs inflate
with the onrush of scenery —
air, mountains, trees, people.
I thought, “this is what it is to be happy”.

(Sylvia Plath)


Mad Men, s07e01

Cannes 2014 Official Poster

Cannes 2014
Official Poster

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Walter Plunkett design sketches for Vivien Leigh’s role as Scarlett O’Hara in the 1939 film Gone With the Wind

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1950s Vogue. Photography by John Rawlings

1950s Vogue. Photography by John Rawlings

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Le Louvre by Frack Bohbot

The Louvre Project began with a carte blanche commission by Le Musée du Louvre, Paris in 2013. 

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raphael: *looks directly into the camera like he’s on the office*



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Jena, Germany (by freyavev)

Jena, Germany (by freyavev)

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arpeggiaAndrew Moore - Russia, 2000-2004

Room 348, Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Restoration Room, St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts

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A Happy Ending - My Neighbour Totoro

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'Mad Men’ Up Close

Photos From the Set of the Celebrated Show

© Alex Majoli/Magnum for TIME - Source

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"Seri bisogna esserlo, non dirlo, e magari neanche sembrarlo."

- (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

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